Our Satisfied Customers!

"I've tried on wigs before but never owned one due to the unrealistic quality. However when I saw your short razor cut wig, the quality looked great in the photo and since it was WAY more than just reasonably priced I snagged it! Upon receiving it, the quality was so realistic that people had actually thought I'd cut my hair!" -Angela

"I will definitely be buying more wigs from you! Everyone asks where I got it from and I give your store a good name. My theater group (Spankcandy) is impressed also with it. Thanks again for the wig!" -Cait

"I just wanted to say a great big Thanks for my wig I bought from your store. I was very leery at first buying a wig b/c I've seen other people wear them and they always looked really obviously bad to me. The only ones I knew that didn't look bad were ones that were super expensive and way out of my price range. Then I stumbled upon your store. Not only were there tons of variety in the wig styles, but the wigs themselves were very reasonably priced! also found the perfect one for me there but I was still worried that when I would receive it, the wig would look nothing like the picture. When it arrived in the mail ( which was very fast) I couldn't believe my eyes. As I placed the wig on my head and looked in the mirror I was stunned. It looked great! So many people at my convention didn't even know that it was a wig! Thanks to you I was able to cosplay my character accurately and proudly. I could not have done it without your help so I just want to say Thanks! *big hug* You rule!" - Jacci

"The wig I bought from you for my Princess Peach cosplay was really beautiful - I'd had a poor quality 3/4 wig before and I'm glad I bought from your shop to replace it. Everyone's been telling me how natural the wig looks - that it looks like real hair! I'm very impressed with the color and the quality. It styles easily and it's low maintenance."

THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO much for my wig!!!! Its PERFECT!!!!!!!!! It has brought me SO MUCH SUCCESS in cosplaying its not even funny! I pulled the wig itself up into a ponytail for my ANBU Sakura cosplay and you have absolutely NO IDEA how many people have told me that they thought that it was my real hair. ^_^ I've recieved a great many compliments because of it, and I wanted to say thank you because I really owe it all to you. I wouldn'tve been able to have found a more perfect wig anywhere else. And I LOVE how NATURAL the wig feels and looks!!! I pranced around my whole house the day my wig came in. My mom doesn't recognize me with it on. ^_^;;; I'm sending to you some pics of me with the wig on. I absolutely LOVE IT!! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!! ^_^ -Kayli Baker (Uchiha Sakura on cosplay.com)

"Hello, I ordered a pale white medium wig a while ago, and used it for my Yami Yu-gi cosplay. When I went to Anime Expo so many people thought the wig I styled was my real hair! It was so easy to dye and spike." - Ginger